Flattening Scala Play Controllers with For Comprehensions and Eithers

It's been a little over a year since I've started programming in Scala professionally - so I wanted to come back to this blog and focus on a Scala centric post with some real world application.

I have found that some of the Play controller code I need to write can get very pyramid-shaped in nature, since most of the steps that interact with IO return options, which need to send sensible error messages back to the client in the case of `None`. Let's take a look at a contrived example function:

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Pattern Matching in Elm

One of the great things about some functional programming languages is pattern matching. At its core, it is a way to deconstruct the elements of your program and to do something meaningful with said deconstruction. In this blog post, I'm going to demonstrate how to create a singly linked list and a few functions that operate on it using the language, Elm.

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Immutable.js bindings for Ramda

We use both Ramda and Immutable.js extensively in production to get the benefit of persistent data structures, immutability, and a very nice funcitonal api for our code. That said, sometimes it is difficult to reconcile the two libraries. Here I explore how to use R.invoker to create ramda bindings for immutable, as well as a link to my github repo that hopes to serve as a lib for those wanting to use Immutable and JS objects interchangeable with Ramda without losing the structural sharing benefits of Immutable.js

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